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13/07/2017What Does Rain Do To Your Pool?

Your pool is filled with water, and rain is just water, so rain shouldn’t have any effect at all on your pool, other than changing the level, should it? In fact, rain certainly can have an impact on your pool. Rain is acidic, meaning it’s pH level is lower than your pool. Your pool should … Continue reading What Does Rain Do To Your Pool?

How to Detect Pool and Spa Leaks

One of the biggest problems facing any pool or spa owner is leaks. Leaks can happen for several reasons, and they can be very difficult to catch. In some cases, the only sign that there’s a problem is the rapid change in the water level. Leaks also tend to happen in the places where it’s … Continue reading How to Detect Pool and Spa Leaks

12/05/20173 Types of Pool Algae

There are three types of algae commonly found in swimming pools: yellow, black and green. Each should be a concern of homeowners. Black algae is the most dangerous form of algae pool owners deal with. It is a dark blue-green in color. The early signs of this algae are the appearance of black specks that … Continue reading 3 Types of Pool Algae

28/02/2017Exciting Ways To Transform Your Pool For The Upcoming Season

With March just around the corner, spring is sneaking up on us, and summer won’t be far behind. Once the weather becomes a bit more favorable, it will be time to start preparing your home pool for the upcoming season. Whether you have an in-ground or above-ground pool, making your pool ready to use for … Continue reading Exciting Ways To Transform Your Pool For The Upcoming Season

23/02/2017Aquatic Fitness Is Becoming A Popular Trend in 2017

Simply put, swimming is fun! Whether it’s in a lake, the ocean, or the local community pool, swimming has always been one of America’s favorite pastimes, especially during the summer. In more recent years, however, swimming has also gained more recognition as a therapeutic activity. When Michael Phelps became the most decorated Olympian in history … Continue reading Aquatic Fitness Is Becoming A Popular Trend in 2017

24/01/2017How To Protect Your Pool Tiles From Winter Damage

It’s true, winter-proofing your pool isn’t the most glamorous of your end-of-summer chores. In fact, it might even be the biggest hassle you have to undertake. It is, however, extremely important for keeping up your pool. Properly preparing your pool for the winter saves you time and a lot of money in maintenance repairs or … Continue reading How To Protect Your Pool Tiles From Winter Damage

13/01/2017Improperly Mixed Pool Chemicals Cause An Entire Resort To Evacuate

The Westwood Shores Waterside Resort in Door County, WI was evacuated earlier this month after the chemicals in the resorts pool were improperly mixed. Two maintenance workers were sent to the hospital for treatment after the improperly mixed chemicals formed vapors that made it difficult to breathe. Although such extreme precautions rarely have to be … Continue reading Improperly Mixed Pool Chemicals Cause An Entire Resort To Evacuate

30/12/2016International PSP Expo Is Now Accepting Proposals

The International PSP Expo is now accepting proposals from professionals, consultants, and specialists in the pool, spa, and patio industry. Applicants will serve as presenters during the educational conference program, which takes place from October 29th to November 3rd 2017. The PSP Expo consists of discussions and panels following the latest trends, technological advances, and … Continue reading International PSP Expo Is Now Accepting Proposals

16/12/2016Pool Holiday Gifts To Surprise Your Family With This Year

It’s that time of year again, and already families are scrambling to-and-from the shopping malls trying to get those last minute gifts. One item you might find on everyone’s list (at least their Wish List!) is a home swimming pool! Obviously you’d be hard pressed to actually expect to buy, or receive a paid-in-full pool … Continue reading Pool Holiday Gifts To Surprise Your Family With This Year

30/11/2016How To Winterize Your Home Swimming Pool

Now that December is finally here, it’s time to winterize your home swimming pool. Winterizing a pool takes more than just skimming debris and putting a cover over it. If you haven’t already started the process, now is definitely the time to do so. In addition to the basics, you must also properly treat the … Continue reading How To Winterize Your Home Swimming Pool

06/10/2016Pool Safety Tips for Children

Accidental pool drownings account for a significant number of fatalities in the United States. Children aged 1 to 4-years-old are particularly vulnerable when left unsupervised, even momentarily. For people living in warmer climates, the home pool is a soothing escape from the stifling heat of summer, but parents are advised to pay close attention to … Continue reading Pool Safety Tips for Children

26/09/2016Preventing Electric Safety Hazards in Swimming Pools

Most people associate drowning with pool safety hazards. Not often do you hear about someone getting shocked while swimming, but it does happen. Calder Sloan, a 7-year old in Miami, Florida, died of electric shock in his backyard pool in April 2014. He did not receive the shock as a result of faulty, high-voltage pool … Continue reading Preventing Electric Safety Hazards in Swimming Pools

01/08/2016How Much Is Your House Worth with a Swimming Pool?

How much is your house worth with a swimming pool? That depends on who you ask. Local realtors recently discussed how adding a swimming pool to your home affects the value of the property. They had mixed opinions on the subject. There are several factors that go into peoples’ decision on whether or not to … Continue reading How Much Is Your House Worth with a Swimming Pool?

09/06/2016Custom Pool Designs For Summer 2016

Custom pool designs make your backyard pool more than just a big tub of water. Including a customized design for your home pool can transform your property into a beautiful outdoor living space, encompassing the familiar comforts of home with the elegance of a fancy resort. At Sundays Off Inc., we offer custom pool designs … Continue reading Custom Pool Designs For Summer 2016

20/05/2016How To Use Your Pool Pressure Gauge and Air Relief Valve

A properly functioning pool pressure gauge, filter, and air relief valve are vital to the performance of your pool’s circulation system. The filter keeps grime and debris from building up in your pool, and circulation plays an important role in the water-chemical balance. That said, it is important that you know how to read the … Continue reading How To Use Your Pool Pressure Gauge and Air Relief Valve

13/05/2016The Simple Pool Care Guide for the 2016 Season

No pool owner can get through the summer without a trustworthy pool care guide at their side. Summer is the perfect time to open up your pool and enjoy hot days cooling off in cold water, relaxing with family and friends, and having evening barbecues. Not taking the time to properly maintain your pool, however, … Continue reading The Simple Pool Care Guide for the 2016 Season

04/04/2016Can Your Small Backyard Accommodate an Inground Swimming Pool?

Can your small backyard accommodate an inground swimming pool? Maybe you have put off installing one because you don’t have much space to work with, or perhaps you were concerned about the quality of the results? Well you can put all those fears to rest. We can get you the luxurious backyard pool you have … Continue reading Can Your Small Backyard Accommodate an Inground Swimming Pool?

21/03/2016Pool Fence Safety Tips

Following pool fence safety tips is essential for everyone to enjoy the leisure atmosphere and added ambiance a pool lends to a property. With the fun of a pool also comes the responsibility of keeping your pool, and family, safe. According to a report published by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDPC), drowning … Continue reading Pool Fence Safety Tips

07/03/2016Avoid These Pool Maintenance Mistakes

There is certainly a reason why so many homeowners dream of having a swimming pool. Pools have a lot of positives which can greatly exceed any of their negatives if you just know how to handle their cleaning and maintenance. Scrubbing, checking the water and adding chemicals have to become your routine. There will also … Continue reading Avoid These Pool Maintenance Mistakes

26/02/2016Understanding Pool Slide Installation

A slide installed near a swimming pool can provide you with a great deal of enjoyment. In addition, a slide is relatively easy to install. Of course, It is a good idea to do some research before buying a pool slide. The first and foremost element to check is the local code. Are slides allowed … Continue reading Understanding Pool Slide Installation

24/02/2016Swimming Pool Tips for the Spring Season

Spring is around the corner and you have plans to finally pull back the pool cover for the season. There are some alarming issues, however, that you may have to deal with during this time and we have a couple of tips to get you started.

28/01/2016Understanding Your Pool’s Pressure Gauge

Enjoying your pool can come to a screeching halt if it is not well maintained. Your pool’s pressure gauge is indispensable when it comes to diagnosing problems and helping you to determine what needs to be done to ensure correct pool circulation.

Pool Landscaping – Things to be Considered

Regardless of what kind of swimming pool you have, you will need to be aware of the need for a decent garden that goes with it. Gardening will require the equal amount of lawn care and landscaping services, as well as a good amount of care, so contact a company to make it work if … Continue reading Pool Landscaping – Things to be Considered

27/01/20163 Swimming Pool Myths

There are many myths surrounding swimming pools. In this article, we will discuss them. We will take the three most commonly heard swimming pools myths that we have heard.

18/12/201510 More Pool Cleaning Tips

Maintaining and cleaning a pool can be a difficult task at most times, but it really doesn’t have to be as hard as you may think it is. Different types of pools will have different needs and yours will be no exception from the rule. What all of those need to have some routine attention … Continue reading 10 More Pool Cleaning Tips