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Pool Safety Tips for Children

06/10/2016Pool Safety Tips for Children

Accidental pool drownings account for a significant number of fatalities in the United States. Children aged 1 to 4-years-old are particularly vulnerable when left unsupervised, even momentarily. For people living in warmer climates, the home pool is a soothing escape from the stifling heat of summer, but parents are advised to pay close attention to younger children and if possible, take measures to secure the pool. While exposed pools pose a distinct danger to children, there are a number of safety tips that you can implement to groom your child for safe swimming and prevent accidents.

Get your child swimming lessons. The first step involves training your young one to swim effortlessly and stamp out their fear of water. Lessons should cover child pool safety at length and address how to handle a swimming emergency.

Stay within clear view of the pool. Children need adult supervision whenever they jump in the pool. For this reason, it is recommended that the home pool be located near the house where an adult can supervise and access the pool quickly in case of an emergency. A pool camera might come in handy if the current layout does not allow you to see the pool directly from your home. The camera should be positioned in the room closest to the pool, with a back door for quick access.

If necessary, install a fence around entire pool. In some locations, pool fencing is required by law. For a family with several children, it may be necessary to build a fence around the pool. You can choose from a variety of designs to go with your property style and include an alarm that goes off whenever someone opens the gate.

Keep floaters on hand. These should be placed right next to the pool to be served to a struggling swimmer when needed. Floaters should be used when training inexperienced swimmers as well as children.

Install a pool cover. Pool covers – both manual and automatic – are a good alternative to fencing and they can add value to your home. An alarm should be installed with the cover to signal when someone opens it to expose the pool. Shop for a cover that works for you and make sure never to leave it open after using the pool.

Install safety signs. This is particularly useful when you have friends coming over. In addition to training your own children on pool safety, you should let your friends know that swimming pools pose a drowning hazard and suggest safety precautions.