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Preventing Electric Safety Hazards in Swimming Pools

26/09/2016Preventing Electric Safety Hazards in Swimming Pools

Most people associate drowning with pool safety hazards. Not often do you hear about someone getting shocked while swimming, but it does happen. Calder Sloan, a 7-year old in Miami, Florida, died of electric shock in his backyard pool in April 2014. He did not receive the shock as a result of faulty, high-voltage pool lights. Nevertheless, an ongoing debate is raging as to the safety and practicality of in-pool lighting. In this article we will look at the main points of preventing electric safety hazards in swimming pools and how it affects homeowners.

Preventing Electric Safety Hazards in Swimming Pools

Illumination and Voltage

The National Electrical Code has enforced numerous safeguards for preventing electrical fatalities. In addition, lower voltage lights (about 12 volts) have become an unofficial industry standard. Voltage affects people in different ways. Although 120-volts is considered fatal and 12-volts is not, it is not always a question of voltage. The primary concern with swimming and minimal voltage, for example, is a question of immobilized victims, who drown only after receiving a shock. However, experts note that 120-volt systems are perfectly safe as long as they are installed correctly.

Proper Installation and Wiring

Without proper wiring and the right installation components like transformers, low-voltage lights still pose a safety threat. Electricity can enter the water if a short occurs. In addition, improper wiring can cause currents from another source to enter the water through the grounding wire in an attempt to complete the circuit.

Bonding and Grounding

Electrical components must be bonded and grounded if installed in a metal niche like a pool light. Grounding is the process of protecting swimmers from faulty electrical equipment by attaching it to the ground. Earth ground has the lowest electrical potential, so if a short occurs, the circuit breaker should trip and turn off automatically. Bonding deals with connecting electrical components to the proper elements. These include the pump, motor, ladder, and the water itself. Bonding creates a grid that minimizes the difference in voltage from one component to another.

Proper pool installation is not only a question of expense, but also of safety. Call the experts at Sundays Off Inc for information on safe installation and maintenance. Preventing electric safety hazards in swimming pools is our business. We know how to properly install home pools and all of the components involved, so you can rest assured that your family is safe and your pool is being properly maintained by passionate experts. Call us today or visit us online to schedule a consultation.