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Improperly Mixed Pool Chemicals Cause An Entire Resort To Evacuate

13/01/2017Improperly Mixed Pool Chemicals Cause An Entire Resort To Evacuate

The Westwood Shores Waterside Resort in Door County, WI was evacuated earlier this month after the chemicals in the resorts pool were improperly mixed. Two maintenance workers were sent to the hospital for treatment after the improperly mixed chemicals formed vapors that made it difficult to breathe. Although such extreme precautions rarely have to be taken, it serves as an important reminder of the danger of mixing pool chemicals. But how can improperly mixed pool chemicals cause an entire resort to evacuate?

Improperly Mixed Pool Chemicals Cause An Entire Resort To Evacuate

The Incident

Jeff Schartner and another maintenance worker was mixing chemicals for the resort swimming pool when the incident occurred. During the mixing, vapors created hazardous fumes that entered the ventilation system. Visitors then began complaining about having difficulty breathing. As a result, management evacuated the resort as a safety precaution. Fire crews soon showed up and transported the chemical mixture outside the hotel to be diluted in a barrel.

Side Effects of Pool Chemicals

Visitors to the resort began calling in with complaints of having difficulty breathing. As a result, the entire resort was evacuated. The particular chemicals in question are known to cause chest congestion or tightness, and a burning sensation in the throat. While they are perfectly safe when properly mixed, the incident is a perfect example of how even a small error made when mixing pool chemicals can have serious repercussions.

Future Safety Measures

Schartner concluded after the incident was resolved that the hazardous vapors were caused by his mixing the chemicals too quickly. Pool cleaning chemicals require specific mixing rates and must remain within a specific pH level in order to be deemed safe for public use. Since the incident, guests have been allowed to return to their rooms and the pool has been properly ventilated.

Although they are rare, incidents like this do happen. In order to keep your family safe at your own home pool, be sure to check the water/chemical balance on regular intervals throughout the day. In addition, contact the experts at Sundays Off Pools. We have all the proper maintenance equipment you need to keep your pool safe and swim-friendly. In addition, we’ll provide you with information on safe swimming and proper pool maintenance. Don’t wait until there’s a problem. Call us today!