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How Long is Minnesota’s Swimming Season?

11/09/2017How Long is Minnesota’s Swimming Season?

How Long is Minnesota’s Swimming Season?

There are many reasons why Minnesota homeowners install swimming pools on their property, including for social, recreational or health reasons. If you are thinking of installing a swimming pool on your property, you might be wondering how long you will be able to use it in a given year. Minnesota’s weather generally will allow you to use your pool for seven months every year. The swimming season here spans from April to October.

As Minnesotans, we know how important the swimming season is to us and our families. It is a form of exercise and a means for our kids to make social connections. While our swimming season is limited to seven months, you do not have to deny yourself the swimming pleasures when outdoor pools close for winter. There are various options you can take advantage of during your pool installation to extend your swimming season. These include the following.

  • Pool heaters. High-efficiency heaters are great for extending your swimming season in Minnesota while keeping your heating costs low. This is probably the most effective method to take you through winter.
  • Outdoor space heaters. There is nothing as uncomfortable as stepping out of warm pool water only to be hugged by insanely cold air. Thankfully, pool heaters can help you warm the air around your outdoor pool and allow you to enjoy your swimming pursuits throughout spring and fall.
  • Automatic covers. Using automatic covers helps you manage your heating costs and keep off leaves, especially during fall. You do not have to spend endless hours cleaning your pool.
  • Poolside buildings. These structures allows you to heat the pool to comfortable temperatures and simply jump in whenever you wish.

If you are interested in extending your swimming season in Minnesota, the above options can come in handy. You can then enjoy healthy and recreational benefits of swimming beyond Minnesota’s swimming season. All of these extended swimming benefits can be better enjoyed if you own your own backyard convenient swimming pool.

Many homeowners in Minnesota have admitted that adding a swimming pool to their property was an amazing upgrade. Family togetherness, recreation, entertainment, and exercise are just a few pool benefits that homeowners point out. Quite frankly, you do not have to worry much about the length of the swimming season. With a little modification, you can conveniently enjoy your swimming pursuits outside of summer.