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How to Choose The Right Pool Material

29/05/2018How to Choose The Right Pool Material

Deciding to have a pool installed is always very exciting. The pool is a place to cool off, enjoy the outdoors with your family, and to even get some exercise. However, you want to make sure that you design the best pool for your situation. That includes not only the type of space you have, or what kind of use you want, but also your budget, among other factors. Here is a quick guide to choosing the right material for your pool.

There are generally 4 types of pool materials in most below ground pools. They are concrete, vinyl liner, fiberglass, and ceramic. There are pros and cons to all of these pool types.


Perhaps one of the best things about concrete pools is that they offer an unlimited amount of options when it comes to design. You can literally have any kind of pool you want if you imagine it. Concrete pools are built similarly to a house. You excavate, build a foundation, and use concrete block walls. Then, you install a lining, whether it be ceramic or glass tiles, or pool liner coating. This is all work that should be done by professionals, since any mistakes can lead to leaking. The disadvantages are that concrete pools take longer to build than other pool types. You will have to wait for your dream backyard. Expect it to take weeks, or even months, from start to finish.

Vinyl Liner

Vinyl liner pools are built using polypropylene plates that are held up by outer ribbing. For this type of pool, you will not have to wait, since it often comes to your home pretty much ready-made. You can choose from a variety of shapes and sizes, although they cannot be custom built like concrete pools can. They tend to only come in blue, so options are limited there as well. You will need to use concrete to secure the walls. This type of pool is the most cost effective, but is not as favored as other options. They do not have a great aesthetic appeal, and they tend to be smaller. They are a great choice if you just need a spot to cool down and relax on a hot day, though.

Fiberglass and Laminate

A fiberglass pool is also known as a composite swimming pool. It is a mixture of elastic and solid materials to create a complete whole. They are build on site in layers. Each layer, whether it is painted or layed, is installed, and the pool is placed inside. This means that there are very few shape options, since the pool shells are pre-fabricated. You do not need bricks for the side walls of this pool, but you do for the foundation. This is also a cost-effective option that does not take long to have installed.


This is one of the newer pool designs, and is not as common in North America as it is in Australia and parts of Europe. This design has its roots in Australia, from where it made its way across the ocean. This technology involves adding a ceramic layer and a carbon fiber mat to a composite or fiberglass design. This makes the entire structure much more durable and resistant to leaks and damage. This design is considered the most visually appealing, as the top layer can have some color and glitter. The water will often look like it is sparkling. It is also perfectly smooth, so it is resistant to dirt and bacteria. The floor can also be made a bit rougher, to prevent slipping. Surprisingly, ceramic pools do not take long to install. You can expect to wait only a week or two, and you will be ready to swim.

If you are looking at pool options, look no further than the four listed above. Contact a pool professional to see which might be best for your situation and budget.

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