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How to Keep your Pool Cover Free of Leaves and Other Debris

02/10/2017How to Keep your Pool Cover Free of Leaves and Other Debris

When it comes to owning a pool, you always want it to look as inviting as possible. Not just so that it looks nice for visitors and guests, but so that you and your family feel comfortable swimming in it. A clear pool free of dirt and debris is a clean and healthier pool as well. A little maintenance is vital, but so is prevention. That is where the pool cover comes in.

A pool cover is meant to keep debris like leaves and branches from getting into your pool. That way, there will be less dirt and bacteria mixing in with your pool water. Even when the pool is covered however, the debris that collects on top of it can still make your pool less inviting. Plus, if too much builds up, it can place weight on the cover, which can push it down and cause the debris to contaminate the water. It can block the sun from heating the pool as well.

Getting debris off the cover is not as simple as it might seem. You do not want to push it into the water, or make a bigger mess than the one you are trying to clean. Here are some tips to help get leaves and other debris off your pool cover.

Sweep It Up

First off, get out a long broom and try to collect as much of the debris as possible at the edge of the cover by the side of the pool. You can then scoop it up with your hands or another tool. Make sure not to drop any into the pool, however. You may want to use gloves.

Hose It Off

Next, carefully pull the cover off the pool, trying not to let any leftover dirt fall into the water. Once you have it off, spread it out on the lawn or the patio. Get the hose and spray it thoroughly until it is completely clear. You may afterwards have to collect it from the ground.


Before putting the cover back on, make sure to use the skimmer to collect anything that is ended up in the pool. Once it is all been cleared away, then you are free to replace the cover.

Owning a pool is not as simple as digging a hole and filling it with water. Maintenance, including keeping the cover clear, is important for having an inviting and refreshing pool.

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