16/11/2020The Biggest Pool Trends of 2020

As the year is wrapping up, we would like to look back and highlight some of the biggest trends in pool and patio design for 2020. Some of these trends are classic, while others are becoming more and more popular. Pool Lounge A pool lounge is a lounging area that is typically a sunken deck … Continue reading The Biggest Pool Trends of 2020

16/09/2020Off-Season Pool Maintenance Tips

No pool owner wants to wrap the season up, but unfortunately for many of us, it’s time to prepare for the colder months. But even though the swimming season is coming to an end, there is still plenty of work you can be doing off-season. Here’s the top five. Add an algaecide Using an algaecide … Continue reading Off-Season Pool Maintenance Tips


18/06/2018What Effect Does Rain Have on Pool Water?

If you own a pool and it is the summertime, then you know your days will be filled by fun and frolicking. There is nothing better than a cool dip on a hot day, playing games and sports in the water, or even just lounging by the pool with your favorite cold beverage. That said, … Continue reading What Effect Does Rain Have on Pool Water?

13/01/2017Improperly Mixed Pool Chemicals Cause An Entire Resort To Evacuate

The Westwood Shores Waterside Resort in Door County, WI was evacuated earlier this month after the chemicals in the resorts pool were improperly mixed. Two maintenance workers were sent to the hospital for treatment after the improperly mixed chemicals formed vapors that made it difficult to breathe. Although such extreme precautions rarely have to be … Continue reading Improperly Mixed Pool Chemicals Cause An Entire Resort To Evacuate

30/12/2016International PSP Expo Is Now Accepting Proposals

The International PSP Expo is now accepting proposals from professionals, consultants, and specialists in the pool, spa, and patio industry. Applicants will serve as presenters during the educational conference program, which takes place from October 29th to November 3rd 2017. The PSP Expo consists of discussions and panels following the latest trends, technological advances, and … Continue reading International PSP Expo Is Now Accepting Proposals

06/10/2016Pool Safety Tips for Children

Accidental pool drownings account for a significant number of fatalities in the United States. Children aged 1 to 4-years-old are particularly vulnerable when left unsupervised, even momentarily. For people living in warmer climates, the home pool is a soothing escape from the stifling heat of summer, but parents are advised to pay close attention to … Continue reading Pool Safety Tips for Children

10/11/2015What is the World’s Largest Backyard Swimming Pool?

The small town of El Campo, Texas is not a place that immediately comes to mind when someone thinks of an exaggerated place. Nonetheless, this town which is known for its immigrant heritage and farming history is home to largest residential swimming pool in the United States and the entire world. This resort-style swimming pool … Continue reading What is the World’s Largest Backyard Swimming Pool?

18/09/2015Why Sundays Off Pools?

Swimming pools are a wonderful thing – we are loved universally by people of all ages. We are used to get fit and healthy, to play games and have fun, and to cool down in the heat of the summer. If you are lucky enough to have a swimming pool – or if you are … Continue reading Why Sundays Off Pools?

08/05/2014Think Safety for the 2014 Swimming Season

The summer swimming season is upon us and many people will be using their backyard pool or visiting a lake to cool off this summer. Unfortunately, statistics tell us that injuries and possibly deaths will occur as a result of people enjoying a summer swim and accidentally drowning. On average, it is estimated that nine … Continue reading Think Safety for the 2014 Swimming Season