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04/08/20145 Swimming Pool Exercises to Lose Weight

Pool Exercise #1 Walk 1 or more laps, according to your comfort level. (To stay in waist-high water, you might have to walk from side to side in the pool, instead of from one end to the other). If an average lap takes you 35 seconds to walk, see if you can cut a few … Continue reading 5 Swimming Pool Exercises to Lose Weight

15/07/2014Swimming Pool Stains

Stains on the walls or floors of your swimming pool are just as unsightly as stains on your home’s carpet or drywall. Although pool stains are harder to notice, they do require action on your part. What is it that causes pool stains and what can you do to avoid stains from developing in your … Continue reading Swimming Pool Stains

08/05/2014Think Safety for the 2014 Swimming Season

The summer swimming season is upon us and many people will be using their backyard pool or visiting a lake to cool off this summer. Unfortunately, statistics tell us that injuries and possibly deaths will occur as a result of people enjoying a summer swim and accidentally drowning. On average, it is estimated that nine … Continue reading Think Safety for the 2014 Swimming Season

24/10/2013Taking The Plunge: How To Pick An Inground Pool

If you have been thinking about getting an inground swimming pool, now’s the time to act. Most pool contractors offer discounts for pools purchased now for installation later in the season or very early next spring, periods when the pool business typically is slow. However, before deciding on when to buy, you must first choose … Continue reading Taking The Plunge: How To Pick An Inground Pool

27/08/2013Swimming Pool Facts

Below we have put together a list of some of the most interesting swimming pool facts: There are 8.8 million residential and public-use swimming pools in the United States. Swimming is the third most-popular sport or activity in the U.S. No. 1 is walking and No. 2 is exercising with equipment. According to statistics, 41 … Continue reading Swimming Pool Facts

16/08/2013Backyard Swimming Pool Basics

When it comes to backyard pools, there isn’t much mystery because all pools basically work the same way. Even though swimming pools come in all shapes and sizes, there are certain things that every pool, from a giant Olympic size pool to a kid friendly wading pool, has to have in order to keep the … Continue reading Backyard Swimming Pool Basics

19/06/2013Swimming Pool Terms & Definitions

AIR BLEEDER ASSEMBLY: It is located on the top of the filter and sometimes accompanied by a pressure gauge. The bleeder is opened to let out air trapped in the filter. AIR-RELIEF VALVE: A manually operated plastic or brass valve is located at the top part of a filter tank. It relieves the pressure that … Continue reading Swimming Pool Terms & Definitions

10/06/2013Swimming Pool Fitness Perks

When it comes to health and fitness, prevention is the best treatment for ailments. If you make the effort to become healthier now, it can pay off in the long run. There are many ways for you to increase your fitness regimen, but many of those techniques can be hard on your body. If you … Continue reading Swimming Pool Fitness Perks