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How To Protect Your Pool Tiles From Winter Damage

24/01/2017How To Protect Your Pool Tiles From Winter Damage

It’s true, winter-proofing your pool isn’t the most glamorous of your end-of-summer chores. In fact, it might even be the biggest hassle you have to undertake. It is, however, extremely important for keeping up your pool. Properly preparing your pool for the winter saves you time and a lot of money in maintenance repairs or replacement parts down the road. Additionally, cleaning and properly prepping your pool for the winter makes pool opening even easier. Imagine taking off your pool cover after 6 months of snow and frigid temperatures only to find a big bowl of foulness for you to take care of. That’s something not even we professionals enjoy doing! The experts at Sundays Off Pools know everything about winter pool maintenance. We provide quality maintenance and winterizing services year round, and can even show you how to protect your pool tiles from winter damage.

How To Protect Your Pool Tiles From Winter Damage

Winter-Proof Tiles

Check that your tiles are winter-proof. Cold temperatures cause pool tiles to crack. This is caused by a number of factors, including pressure from improper water levels or damaged bond beams. Furthermore, not all pool tiles are made to withstand extreme winter temperatures. It is, therefore, important that you know what kind of tiles you have in your pool.

Lower the Water Level

Draining your pool to a certain water level is important for a number of reasons. It helps prevent algae development while the pool sits dormant for the winter, and it lowers the chances of winter pool damage. If the water level is left too high in the cold, the surface level will expand upon freezing and place additional pressure on the tiles. This can cause tiles to crack, or even entirely detach from the wall. Therefore you should keep the water level a good distance lower than your pool tiles.

Expansion Joints

Expansion joints in your pool allow for the coming temperature change. However, if not properly sealed, water can get in through the joints and behind the tiles. You must therefore properly seal the joints to ensure water can’t get in and freeze, causing the tiles to crack or even fall right off the wall.

The experts at Sundays Off Pools have experience dealing with every problem imaginable during the winter season. We provide excellent winterizing services, as well as maintenance and checks throughout the season to ensure your pool is being properly kept and will be ready and hassle-free come spring. Call us today for an inspection!