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Aquatic Fitness Is Becoming A Popular Trend in 2017

23/02/2017Aquatic Fitness Is Becoming A Popular Trend in 2017

Simply put, swimming is fun! Whether it’s in a lake, the ocean, or the local community pool, swimming has always been one of America’s favorite pastimes, especially during the summer. In more recent years, however, swimming has also gained more recognition as a therapeutic activity. When Michael Phelps became the most decorated Olympian in history as a swimmer, it spawned new interest in the sport of competitive swimming. And why not? Swimming provides excellent cardiac and controlled-breathing exercise, which by extension helps maintain blood pressure and distribution of oxygen throughout the body. Furthermore, aquatic exercise is much easier on the body, especially your knees and joints, which take a beating with activities like running or jogging. It’s no surprise then that aquatic fitness is becoming a popular trend in 2017, especially among those with in-home pools or access to their local YMCA. Here are just a few ways you can use your pool to get in shape and feel great!

Aquatic Fitness is Becoming a Popular Trend in 2017

Swimming Machines

Homeowners who can afford it are opting more and more for the “endless” swimming machines. These pools produce a current that allows the swimmer to swim against without actually moving through a body of water. In essence, you swim against the current to maintain your position in the water, but still get all the health benefits of actually swimming a specified distance. In other words, you swim in place, just like jogging in place but in a pool!

Floating Mats

Another trend that’s gaining more momentum is floating fitness mats. These mats float on the surface of the water and force the user to utilize their core strength in order to maintain their balance. Already popular exercises, including Yoga, can be performed whilst maintaining balance on the mat, providing an even better workout than one would get working on dry land.

“Aqua Cycling”

Believe it or not, another growing trend in fitness is a new term called Aqua Cycling, and yes, it’s exactly as it sounds. Aqua cyclers submerge a specialized cycling machine in water and begin cycling just as you would in open air. The additional resistance from the water is said to burn even more calories and is much easier on the body than running or jogging on hard surfaces like concrete or polyurethane.

Water Sports

In addition to these individual exercises, water sports such as Water Polo or Rafting are also becoming more popular community and high school activities. Both Water Polo and Rowing are recognized Olympic sports that require excellent physical fitness in order to perform. In addition, synchronized swimming is an excellent source of exercise because it requires timed coordination and physical strength.

If you’re looking for a new means of exercise this year, aquatic fitness is becoming a popular trend in 2017. Be sure to look for any of these activities in your local community, and if none are available, take the lead! Go to your local YMCA or community pool and ask about starting a club program. You’ll likely find there are plenty of people in your community that are just as interested as you are.