30/11/2021Do Pools Need Upkeep in Off-Season?

Do pools need upkeep in the off-season? It is important to do regular maintenance to keep your pool in good shape and prevent costly repairs. Winter temperatures can be cool, but they can still damage your equipment, which means you need to pay attention to your pool’s maintenance. While it is a good idea to … Continue reading Do Pools Need Upkeep in Off-Season?

28/10/2021Pool Closing Tips for Fall

As Fall comes and goes, the days of enjoying backyard pools have ended. To keep your pool in good shape throughout the off-season, consider these closing tips for backyard pools. Drain Your Pool and Equipment After you’ve cleaned your pool, finish by draining water to around 4-6 inches below the skimmer. Be sure to drain … Continue reading Pool Closing Tips for Fall

26/03/2021Spring Pool Prep Checklist

Spring is finally upon us, which means we are one step closer to opening up the pools for the summer! Here is a brief checklist you can follow to make sure your pool is ready for summertime. Do A Surface Check The first thing you need to do is look for any cracks or see … Continue reading Spring Pool Prep Checklist


13/07/2020Common Reasons Pools Need to Be Repaired

Even though you may have maintained your swimming pool regularly, there are a few issues you can’t prevent over a long time. If your pool is a bit old, then it can malfunction and its wall may crack. However, old swimming pools aren’t the only ones that require repair. Even if your pool is fairly … Continue reading Common Reasons Pools Need to Be Repaired

04/04/2018What Causes Pools to Turn Green?

Green water might be the bane of every pool owner in history. Other than the pool imploding, green water is probably the most frustrating issue to have to deal with. Everything a pool owner does when maintaining their pool is aimed at preventing the water from turning green. What is it that changes the water … Continue reading What Causes Pools to Turn Green?

14/02/2018How to Have Fun Without Blowing Your Utility Bills

There is absolutely nothing better or more refreshing than jumping in the pool on a hot day and cooling off. The only problem is, sometimes it can be a bit of a shock when you get your utility bills later on. Do not let those bills stop you from enjoying your pool, though. Here are … Continue reading How to Have Fun Without Blowing Your Utility Bills

17/01/2018Why a Professional Should Handle Your Pool Liner Replacement

Being a hands-on do it yourself specialist is a great thing. It means that if there are problems around the home you can fix them on your timeline and at a fraction of the cost. However, there are some things that are best left to the professionals. Your pool, for instance, takes special training and … Continue reading Why a Professional Should Handle Your Pool Liner Replacement

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Pump for Your Pool

For some families, the swimming pool is the best part of their properties. It is the place where they relax, entertain guests, and go to cool off during hot days. It is definitely an investment, not just in money, but also in time. Maintaining the pool is a big part of pool ownership, and a … Continue reading Factors to Consider When Choosing a Pump for Your Pool

02/10/2017How to Keep your Pool Cover Free of Leaves and Other Debris

When it comes to owning a pool, you always want it to look as inviting as possible. Not just so that it looks nice for visitors and guests, but so that you and your family feel comfortable swimming in it. A clear pool free of dirt and debris is a clean and healthier pool as … Continue reading How to Keep your Pool Cover Free of Leaves and Other Debris

01/10/2017How Much Water Loss is Too Much: When to Call a Pool Repair Professional

Pools seem like simple systems. Once your pool is built, you fill it with water. It retains the water, and uses a filtration system to help cycle clean water in and dirty water out. There should be no leaking at all, theoretically, but it is not as simple as that. A pool will lose water … Continue reading How Much Water Loss is Too Much: When to Call a Pool Repair Professional

13/07/2017How to Detect Pool and Spa Leaks

One of the biggest problems facing any pool or spa owner is leaks. Leaks can happen for several reasons, and they can be very difficult to catch. In some cases, the only sign that there’s a problem is the rapid change in the water level. Leaks also tend to happen in the places where it’s … Continue reading How to Detect Pool and Spa Leaks

24/01/2017How To Protect Your Pool Tiles From Winter Damage

It’s true, winter-proofing your pool isn’t the most glamorous of your end-of-summer chores. In fact, it might even be the biggest hassle you have to undertake. It is, however, extremely important for keeping up your pool. Properly preparing your pool for the winter saves you time and a lot of money in maintenance repairs or … Continue reading How To Protect Your Pool Tiles From Winter Damage

30/11/2016How To Winterize Your Home Swimming Pool

Now that December is finally here, it’s time to winterize your home swimming pool. Winterizing a pool takes more than just skimming debris and putting a cover over it. If you haven’t already started the process, now is definitely the time to do so. In addition to the basics, you must also properly treat the … Continue reading How To Winterize Your Home Swimming Pool

20/05/2016How To Use Your Pool Pressure Gauge and Air Relief Valve

A properly functioning pool pressure gauge, filter, and air relief valve are vital to the performance of your pool’s circulation system. The filter keeps grime and debris from building up in your pool, and circulation plays an important role in the water-chemical balance. That said, it is important that you know how to read the … Continue reading How To Use Your Pool Pressure Gauge and Air Relief Valve

13/05/2016The Simple Pool Care Guide for the 2016 Season

No pool owner can get through the summer without a trustworthy pool care guide at their side. Summer is the perfect time to open up your pool and enjoy hot days cooling off in cold water, relaxing with family and friends, and having evening barbecues. Not taking the time to properly maintain your pool, however, … Continue reading The Simple Pool Care Guide for the 2016 Season

21/03/2016Pool Fence Safety Tips

Following pool fence safety tips is essential for everyone to enjoy the leisure atmosphere and added ambiance a pool lends to a property. With the fun of a pool also comes the responsibility of keeping your pool, and family, safe. According to a report published by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDPC), drowning … Continue reading Pool Fence Safety Tips

07/03/2016Avoid These Pool Maintenance Mistakes

There is certainly a reason why so many homeowners dream of having a swimming pool. Pools have a lot of positives which can greatly exceed any of their negatives if you just know how to handle their cleaning and maintenance. Scrubbing, checking the water and adding chemicals have to become your routine. There will also … Continue reading Avoid These Pool Maintenance Mistakes

24/02/2016Swimming Pool Tips for the Spring Season

Spring is around the corner and you have plans to finally pull back the pool cover for the season. There are some alarming issues, however, that you may have to deal with during this time and we have a couple of tips to get you started.

28/01/2016Pool Landscaping – Things to be Considered

Regardless of what kind of swimming pool you have, you will need to be aware of the need for a decent garden that goes with it. Gardening will require the equal amount of lawn care and landscaping services, as well as a good amount of care, so contact a company to make it work if … Continue reading Pool Landscaping – Things to be Considered

18/12/201510 More Pool Cleaning Tips

Maintaining and cleaning a pool can be a difficult task at most times, but it really doesn’t have to be as hard as you may think it is. Different types of pools will have different needs and yours will be no exception from the rule. What all of those need to have some routine attention … Continue reading 10 More Pool Cleaning Tips

01/12/2015Pool Maintenance Tips and Guidelines

Keeping your pool looking clean will mean you have to do quite a few things before you can move on. Different pools will have varying maintenance needs so you will need to follow a lot of it as you move forward with the tasks. If you happen to deal with mostly common and small issues … Continue reading Pool Maintenance Tips and Guidelines

24/11/2015How to Get Your Pool Ready for Winter

No matter where you live, winterizing your pool is an important process in pool ownership. Several steps need to be taken in order to ensure that your pool is ready to face cooler temperatures.

23/10/20155 Common Swimming Pool Problems

Who doesn’t like to swim in a pool? Whether we can swim or not, it’s fun being inside the pool especially with friends or family. Have you ever been in a pool party or participated in a pool game? You can agree with me if you own a pool that the fun can however be … Continue reading 5 Common Swimming Pool Problems

22/10/2015Pool Liners – The Standard

The standard thickness for an in-ground vinyl liner is 20mil. It has been the standard for many years. Thicker, 27mil material, was available as an alternative. It was used mainly in climates that experienced extreme cold, where the ground becomes frozen. Because of this, thicker liner material developed a reputation for being more durable. Is … Continue reading Pool Liners – The Standard

05/08/20156 Valuable Pool Cleaning Tips

Keep it Covered This is an incredibly important tip to help keep debris from taking over your pool. No one enjoy swimming in a pool littered with leaves, grass, and anything else that nature blows your way. If you want to swim with nature, you go to the lake. A pool covering will also help … Continue reading 6 Valuable Pool Cleaning Tips