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Pool repair, when done professionally, is the best option to maintain your swimming pool’s appearance and function for years.

Swimming pools are designed to last for a long time, especially when you have a high quality liner and the right construction. Still, there are maintenance needs that every swimming pool is going to have from time to time. Working with pool repair professionals comes with many benefits. It is important to consider hiring the right professionals to get the job done.

What can our pool repair contractors do for you?

Our pool repair professionals can accurately identify and remedy a wide variety of common swimming pool problems. Whether you’re dealing with a pool plumbing issue, the need for a liner replacement or something else entirely, a professional will have the expertise and training necessary to get the job done.

Our pool repair professionals have the right tools and supplies for the job. They travel to their appointments with many of the tools and equipment necessary for basic pool maintenance, and can order anything they’re missing to suit your needs. Whether you need a new seal or gasket, or an entirely new pool liner, a professional pool repair company will be best suited to deliver the parts and supplies that you need.

Our pool repair professionals are best prepared to analyze your swimming pool water and dole out the necessary treatments accordingly. They are trained to analyze water using special software, and then to appropriately apply chemicals and treatments to ensure that your swimming pool water is perfect for the season. While you can buy the chemicals and administer them yourself, nobody can apply chemicals as perfectly as a trained professional.

If you want to make sure that your swimming pool is in tip top shape throughout the year, hiring our Minneapolis – St. Paul, MN swimming pool repair professionals is the best way to accomplish your goal. Call us today at 763-546-1651 or fill out our simple request form and we will get back to you ASAP.

Why is Sundays Off Pools Your Best Choice in Minneapolis for Pool Repair Services?


Sundays Off Pools is experienced in repairing all main types of pool equipment. We are very proud of the capabilities of our excellent first-rate repair crew because not only are they well trained; they have also amassed years of experience in repair. Our repair contractors often take part in training programs in line with our culture of distinction so as to ensure that we maintain a competitive advantage in the industry. That is why the residents of Minneapolis, MN turn to us when they are in need of pool repair. We are a name that you can trust to get the job done right the first time.

Many people fail to understand the risks that comes from hiring companies that are not competent enough to repair or fix equipment. They may offer cheaper rates, but they will end up giving you substandard work. They may force you to incur extra costs by escalating the problem and the unforeseen inconveniences. In the long run, it is a wise choice to employ a well-known company with experienced, well-trained technicians. Professionals can handle the bulk of installed gears and save you the trouble.

We take special pride in the fact that we are a company that some of the most beautiful pools in Minnesota depend on for repair. We have often been called as the fourth or fifth company to be fetched in to solve a problem that has remained unsolved by other companies. When this has occurred, we succeeded in finding and solving the problem. Not only do our experts have the ability to handle all varieties of equipment, irrespective of their simplicity or complexity; our greatest pride lies in the proper fitting of equipment and performing repairs in a right manner.

Based in New Hope, we only employ highly qualified individuals who are specialized pool repair technicians and have experience in plumbing result, pool computerization, automatic chemical feeders, salt-based chlorination methods and equipment options. The level of excellence we maintain has enabled us to attract the finest and most experienced experts. We offer almost all types of repair and installation services, including filter replacements, inspection, motor replacement, lighting system adjustments and other advanced repairs.