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How Much Water Loss is Too Much: When to Call a Pool Repair Professional

01/10/2017How Much Water Loss is Too Much: When to Call a Pool Repair Professional

Pools seem like simple systems. Once your pool is built, you fill it with water. It retains the water, and uses a filtration system to help cycle clean water in and dirty water out. There should be no leaking at all, theoretically, but it is not as simple as that. A pool will lose water in a few ways. Evaporation and splashing account for some, but it is not the whole story.

Pools Leak

All swimming pools leak at least a little bit. There are so many parts involved, and so many connections, that it simply cannot hold all the water in. Concrete, from which many off the best swimming pools are made, is a naturally porous substance. They are often treated with a waterproof finish, but that is not a hundred percent effective. Add in the plumbing and the fixtures, and it is inevitable to have at least some water loss.

How Much Is Too Much?

While some water loss is normal and accepted, too much loss is not good. Unfortunately, by the time a pool owner notices the loss, it means it is time for professional intervention. If too much water is leaking out, then it can lead to more problems that need immediate attention.

What To Do?

If a professional deems that your pool is losing water faster than it should, then there are a few actions they will take. First off, they will conduct some tests to determine where the leak is originating. They do this by testing how much water is actually getting lost. Even a seemingly small loss, like 2 inches, means there’s a lot of water leaving your pool. Two inches spread throughout the surface area of your pool is a significant amount. Once they’ve determined where the leak is coming from, they will then take action to correct the problem. Allowing a leak to go on uncorrected can lead to further massive problems with your pool.

A pool that loses water does not mean that there is a big problem to fix. It may be as simple as evaporation, in fact. However, losing too much water is bad for your pool beyond just the loss. Make sure if your pool is losing a lot of water that you contact a professional to help fix the problem as soon as possible.

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