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What Does Rain Do To Your Pool?

13/07/2017What Does Rain Do To Your Pool?

Your pool is filled with water, and rain is just water, so rain shouldn’t have any effect at all on your pool, other than changing the level, should it? In fact, rain certainly can have an impact on your pool. Rain is acidic, meaning it’s pH level is lower than your pool. Your pool should be at a level at about 7.5, because that is the pH level of your eye. This is to protect your eyes from burning. The pH being low is what causes that burning feeling in your eyes when swimming. Since rain has a lower pH than your pool, it can cause a change.

What Should I Do When It Rains?

You may have to raise the pH of your pool, depending on the chemistry of your pool and how much rainfall there was. If it is just a light rain, then you may not need to raise it. It might go down, but it will only be temporary and should correct itself on its own. If the chemicals in your pool are generally well balanced, then there should be no problems from a small rainfall. If there’s a large rainfall, then you may need to take some action. If your water level goes up more than an inch, then drain the pool a little bit and check the pH level. It should be better at that point. The chlorine will have gotten a bit diluted with the rainfall, and your pH will rise again with the lower concentration of water.

The Benefits of Rain Water On Your Pool

Believe it or not, but rain can actually be good for your pool in some cases. Some chemicals, like calcium and stabilizer, will only lower in your pool if they are diluted. If those chemicals are leveled too high in the water, then a good rainfall can fix up that imbalance quite nicely. You should be careful when you use stabilizer as it can build up over time and cause problems.

It is a surprise to most people when they realize how much chemistry goes into maintaining a pool. Everything must be kept in proper balance, or else you can have problems like burning eyes, or water that’s not sanitary. Make sure after every rainfall that your pool’s chemistry is kept in balance.