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Pool Closing Tips for Fall

28/10/2021Pool Closing Tips for Fall

As Fall comes and goes, the days of enjoying backyard pools have ended. To keep your pool in good shape throughout the off-season, consider these closing tips for backyard pools.

Drain Your Pool and Equipment

After you’ve cleaned your pool, finish by draining water to around 4-6 inches below the skimmer. Be sure to drain the pipes, pump, heater, and filter as well. You can hire a professional to do this part for you. If there is any water left in the pool equipment, it will freeze in the winter and cause expensive repairs.

Add Algaecide for the Winter

When you close your pool, add an algaecide to kill algae and prevent any growth. Winter algaecides usually last 90 days, so you won’t have to add more until mid-winter. If you stay on top of algal growth your opening will go smoothly next year.

Add Enzyme

Off-season enzymes can help keep the pool clean through the winter. These enzymes will break down organic matter. You can avoid waterline rings that are difficult to remove in the springtime.

Make Sure Your Cover Fits Your Pool

Keeping your pool protected from debris and first through the winter is only possible with a fitter safety cover. Make sure the cover is appropriately sized for your pool to ensure it is functioning properly.