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How Long Should You Wait to Open Your Pool in Minnesota for the Spring?

03/04/2023How Long Should You Wait to Open Your Pool in Minnesota for the Spring?


Spring is here, and it’s time to consider opening your pool. However, in Minnesota, the weather can be unpredictable, and opening your pool too early can be costly. In addition, you want to save money on something other than heating and chemicals if the weather is too cold. So how long should you wait to open your pool in Minnesota for the spring? 


Check the Weather: 

The first thing you need to do is check the weather forecast. In Minnesota, the average temperature in April is between 41-64°F. Therefore, you must wait until the weather is consistently above 60°F to open your pool. This temperature will ensure that your pool water won’t be too cold and won’t need extra heating.

Clean the Pool Area: 

Before opening your pool, it’s essential to clean it. First, remove any dirt, leaves, and debris accumulated during winter. Next, clean the pool cover and remove it carefully. Ensure you don’t damage it to reuse it for next winter. Finally, inspect the pool for any damages that may have occurred during winter and make arrangements for repairs if necessary.

Shock the Pool: 

You should shock it with chlorine once your pool is clean. Shocking your pool is essential to kill any algae, bacteria, or other microorganisms that may have accumulated. Shocking your pool will also help the water balance and prepare it for swimming. You should run the filter system 48 hours after shocking your pool to help the water balance.

Balance the Water Chemistry: 

It’s crucial to balance the water chemistry before the pool season begins. The ideal pH level for pool water should be between 7.4-7.6, while the alkalinity should be between 80-120 ppm. Test the pool water using a testing kit, and adjust the water chemistry accordingly. You may require to adjust the alkalinity, pH, and calcium hardness levels.

Get Ready for the Swimming Season: 

After your pool is clean, the chemicals are balanced, and the water is clear, it’s time to prepare for the swimming season. Once the weather is consistently warm throughout the day, you can start using your pool. You can add some pool accessories to make your pool experience even better. For example, pool toys float, and loungers are great additions. Also, remember to maintain your pool consistently to stay sparkling clean.


Opening your pool early enough in Minnesota can be risky. It’s essential to wait until the weather is warm enough consistently throughout the day before opening your pool. Ensure that your pool is clean, balanced, and ready before the swimming season starts. Waiting until the weather is optimal to open your pool may take patience, but it’s worth it. Following our steps, you’ll have a fun swimming season that your friends and family will remember for years!