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How to Protect Your Pool From Extreme Snowfall 

01/03/2023How to Protect Your Pool From Extreme Snowfall 


With winter in full force, it’s essential to consider how extreme snowfall can affect your pool. While snow is a beautiful sight, it can also damage your pool, depending on the conditions. If you’re not careful, you could have an expensive repair bill! Here’s what you need to know about protecting your pool from extreme snowfall. 

Snow volume and weight
Pools are designed to handle general snowfall with ease, but when amounts are excessive and come too quickly, that can strain your pool’s structure. This is especially true if the temperature is below freezing and the snow has time to settle into a thick layer and build up a large amount of weight. The sheer pressure of all that weight can cause damage, so it’s essential to watch the weather forecast to take preventative measures.  


Pool cover
If you have a pool cover, using it during heavy snowfalls is essential. A good quality cover will protect your pool from direct contact with the elements and help decrease evaporation and water loss during those cold winter months. It’s also essential to check for tears or rips in your cover before putting it up for the season – any minor damage now can become significant damage later if left unchecked. 


Pool chemicals
Keeping your pool chemicals balanced during cold weather months is critical to protect it from any potential damage caused by extreme snowfall. Unbalanced pH levels can lead to corrosion and staining of metal components such as ladders or handrails, making them more susceptible to ice or snow buildup damage. It’s always best practice to keep chemical levels consistent throughout the year regardless of seasonal changes in temperature or precipitation. 


Taking proactive steps now will help ensure your pool stays safe throughout winter and beyond! Check out our blog for further tips on keeping your pool healthy no matter what Mother Nature throws at you! Keep an eye on extreme weather forecasts, make sure your cover is secure, and maintain balanced chemical levels – following these steps will help ensure your pool remains strong even through extreme winter conditions like heavy snowfall!