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Do Pools Need Upkeep in Off-Season?

30/11/2021Do Pools Need Upkeep in Off-Season?

Do pools need upkeep in the off-season? It is important to do regular maintenance to keep your pool in good shape and prevent costly repairs. Winter temperatures can be cool, but they can still damage your equipment, which means you need to pay attention to your pool’s maintenance. While it is a good idea to do weekly skimming and cleaning during the cold months, it is not recommended to do it regularly.

When winter sets in, it’s best to close your pool and clean it thoroughly before closing it. This is to prevent the excessive accumulation of dirt and debris that will end up in your pool. When you close your pool, you should check the water chemistry and make sure there are no dangerous algae growths. Even if you plan to open it in spring, you should keep up with your maintenance regularly. Adding off-season enzymes is a good way to ensure that your pool’s water balance is still balanced.

You should also check your water chemistry to ensure that it is not too high or too low. It’s important to monitor the temperature in your area during the winter and fall. This will help you avoid costly surprises later in the year. You can add chlorine before the winter sets in to ensure that your pool is ready to use. This way, you can begin enjoying your pool as soon as spring rolls around. There’s no need to put up with winter maintenance.