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Common Reasons Pools Need to Be Repaired


13/07/2020Common Reasons Pools Need to Be Repaired

Even though you may have maintained your swimming pool regularly, there are a few issues you can’t prevent over a long time. If your pool is a bit old, then it can malfunction and its wall may crack.
However, old swimming pools aren’t the only ones that require repair. Even if your pool is fairly new, it could show signs that ask for a professional repair.

Check out the following four signs that show that your swimming pool needs repair:

Wall cracks

The most prominent sign of your swimming pool needing repair is when it starts showing wall cracks. Cracks are usually caused by water leakages that slowly erode the walls around the pool and make the entire structure weak and unsafe. Another cause of these cracks is the use of sub-standard construction material in the building of your pool.

When you notice these cracks, contact a pool repair company for a formal inspection. Fixing these cracks will ensure your safety and longer life of the pool.

Broken lights

If you notice that your pool lights are broken, you need to contact a professional pool repair company immediately. A disrupted electric source and water can make your pool very dangerous.
You’ll have to drain your pool and turn off the electricity entirely to prevent any hazards. It’s not recommended to DIY the electric fittings or fixing the lights. Leave the repair work to professionals to ensure long-term safety and prevention.

Heater malfunction

If your pool water is showing fluctuating temperatures, or you experience the supply of only cold water, then your heater is probably malfunctioning.

Heaters usually stop functioning due to blocked pipes that prevent the access of water to the heater. The malfunctioning controls of the heater could also be another reason for extremely cold or hot water.

A professional will be able to identify the root of the problem and will repair your pool in a way that lasts longs.

Dirty water

If your pool water is continuously dirty even if you do regular cleanups and maintenance, then this is an obvious sign that your swimming pool needs repair.

The water pipes of your pool could be blocked by dirt or debris, that pollutes the supply of water into the pool. Your pool filters could also be malfunctioning, which could result in dirty pool water.
This issue can only be permanently solved by a pool repairing professional. Make sure you get your pool inspected for other issues as well, and get it all fixed in one go to prevent future malfunctions.

If you have a pool, then you’re one of the privileged. However, maintaining a pool is a chore in itself, and one that you need to be mindful of.

Getting regular professional inspections and repairs will keep your pool healthy and safe for long-term use.