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What is the World’s Largest Backyard Swimming Pool?

10/11/2015What is the World’s Largest Backyard Swimming Pool?

The small town of El Campo, Texas is not a place that immediately comes to mind when someone thinks of an exaggerated place. Nonetheless, this town which is known for its immigrant heritage and farming history is home to largest residential swimming pool in the United States and the entire world.

This resort-style swimming pool is owned by the family of Mike Mobley and they share it with the community. It was built in 2009 by Kuykendall Custom Pools Inc. in Conroe.

Cheryl Kuykendall, who co-owns the pool company with her spouse, Rick Kuykendall, praised the Mobleys for being fabulous and very generous. She also stated that the swimming pool is good for everyone in the community.

Having 2 hot tubs, a 21-foot water slide, outdoor kitchen, sunken bar, 500-foot “lazy river,” and six water falls, this $3M swimming pool is an established weekend destination.

The Mobleys are longtime residents of El Campo, and they have permitted the Kuykendalls to talk about their astounding creation.

“We have built many swimming pools which required us to sign confidentiality agreements/ contracts,” said Cheryl. “We love getting clients such as the Mobleys,” she added.

The Kuykendalls realized that the swimming pool was without a doubt the largest swimming pool on a residential property in the whole world; however, Mike Mobley, a worker in the oil & gas industry, said that the pool’s size isn’t big enough.

“When you are building something which you already think is quite big and someone tells you that it isn’t big enough, you get very surprised,” said Cheryl. “That is the point at which my husband began looking around, searching the internet to find out what was out there.”

Comparing a standard backyard swimming pool with that of the Mobleys, the volume of a typical backyard swimming pool is 16,000-20,000 gallons, where as that of the Mobleys is 600,000 gallons.

Cheryl said that they started with 750,000 gallons; however, they removed some of the water not because they wanted to economize, but to provide the river with an optional faster speed. She added that they installed some new, stronger pumps and then raised the bottom so as to lessen the load on the pumps.