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Sundays Off Pools offers professional swimming pool opening services in the Twin Cities. To learn more about our company or to schedule your service appointment, don’t hesitate to contact or friendly team online, by phone or in person!

For any Minnesotan who owns a pool, spring is one of the most exciting times of the year. After months of freezing temperatures, our Midwestern weather is finally warm and your pool is almost ready to be the key feature of your property. Before you can enter the water, however, you’ll have to complete some work to ensure the pool is prepared for your family and guests.

Getting your pool ready for the warmer seasons involves more than just taking off the cover and leaping in. There are a number of important tasks that must be taken to make sure your swimming pool is ready. Yes, you must remove your cover, but it is also recommended that your cover is appropriately cleaned and put into storage to avoid any damage. You should also inspect your pool’s equipment to ensure it is working correctly. Every pool is unique. That is why a trained and experienced swimming pool professional should help you guarantee your pool is clean, reliable and prepared for swimmers.

Sundays Off Pools has been serving Minnesota home and business owners for nearly four decades! While we remain forward-looking with the latest technology, our skilled technicians provide traditional quality craftsmanship. Our customers have come to rely on us to help ensure their pools look and work wonderfully. We are ready to assist you.

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If you want to learn how Sundays Off Pools can get your pool prepared for spring and summer, or need some expert assistance removing your cover and getting your equipment running correctly, contact us and inquire about our Minneapolis/St. Paul pool opening service!