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4 Killer Swimming Pool Ideas

22/06/20154 Killer Swimming Pool Ideas

Having a pool is one of the ultimate signs of luxury.

Even more so, having a unique pool is that much more boast worthy. Building a pool that will be the center of fun and relaxation at your home should always reflect the people who use it. Instead of have your standard rectangle-shaped pool, consider some of these luxury designs or pool add-ons that will make your backyard pool experience far better than you could imagine.

The Infinity. The infinity style of pool can be any shape, but what makes it unique is that you don’t see the edges of the pool. This is because you allow the water to overflow the edges on all the sides, giving it the “never-ending ocean” look. You would retain the water by creating a system that catches the water once it drops off the edge and recycles it back into the pool. This isn’t a water wasting design. The infinity look is a very luxurious pool design that takes some well thought out planning, but is very much worth it for the fabulous end result.

The Swim-Up. As all of the best resorts have a swim-up bar in their pools, why can’t you have one in your own backyard? By incorporating a swim-up bar or even a lounge area, you will bring pool time luxury to a whole new level. You will enjoy the convenience of enjoying a drink in the pool and your friends will be wildly impressed by being able to do the same. Bring the big-time resort feel right to your backyard by creating a swim-up bar or lounge area.

The Private Waterfall. The idea of having a private waterfall incorporated into your pool design will give you that serene pool retreat you are looking for. Using natural stones around your pool and stacking them on one end to create a waterfall will give you the feeling that you are on vacation. By adding lots of vegetation around the pool as well, it will make it feel even more like you are in a private forest reservoir that is completely secluded from all else. Having the faint trickle of the waterfall in the background is an added pleasantry while lounging in the pool as well. This is a beautiful way to add your own custom pool design into the overall landscaping of your yard.

Ultimate Night Lighting. A good nighttime swim can be both exciting and relaxing. By enhancing your pool with plenty of lighting, you will create a special ambience that can be both peaceful and electrifying. Having multicolored underwater lights will give the pool a fabulous glow at night.

Whether you are building a new pool or just looking to spice up your current one, consider some of these luxury add-ons that will make your pool the talk of the town. You can have your own swim-up bar or your own private waterfall. Whatsoever you choose, allow it to reflect how you want to enjoy your time in your backyard.