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10 More Pool Cleaning Tips

18/12/201510 More Pool Cleaning Tips

Maintaining and cleaning a pool can be a difficult task at most times, but it really doesn’t have to be as hard as you may think it is. Different types of pools will have different needs and yours will be no exception from the rule. What all of those need to have some routine attention and care completed to pull it off. Broken pumps, murky water and other such cases require you to act fast, so you would do well to ensure you can make it happen and to follow the instructions left by the manufacturers before you deal with this. Before you can call it a day you will need to keep a few things in mind. The following article will give you more you can work with:

1. Check out the pool chemistry as soon as you can, especially during winter and summer days. You should be able to check whether there are any algae living in the water.

2. Clean out your skimmer baskets as often as you can, especially since they can catch a lot of debris present in your water, such as leaves and bugs and such.

3. Clean up your lint and hair from the pump every two weeks when you use the pool or even more often, depending on other factors. Make sure the pump is off when you work on that to keep things good.

4. Check out the water levels and maintain them so the pool can operate right. The levels will be marked on the tile or the skimmer.

5. Maintain chlorine levels by making use of a chlorinator. Chlorine tablets must be present in the mechanism at all times, so check the chlorine readings to adjust the contents as needed.

6. If your pool has an ozone unit, then you will need to make sure its operational at all times as well. Open the valve, adjust the levels as you need to and do be careful with the machinery as it tends to be delicate.

7. Keep any vegetation and animals as well as garden chemicals away from the pool. These will help feed the algae inside it. Keep the pool covered during the fall season will help avoid falling leaves from clogging things up.

8. If you see structural damage to the edge of the pool, you should make sure you deal with this as soon as possible. Don’t ever leave things degrade further, as this will only make maintenance harder than it needs to be.

9. Having the ozone system will help lower the need to shock your pool every so often. You should try to avoid the use of chlorine-based shock chemicals if you want to use the pool for swimming when the job is done. Let 24 hours go before you can use it again since the filtration will need to be complete.

10. Adding some catalyst tabs may be a good thing to do, especially since there are instructions on making it happen. Keeping them in a cool and dry place will help them from adhering to a single block of chemicals.

Cleaning the filters once every few months or after a big storm will help keep things working better. The frequency of making changes to the filters depends on the air conditioning system at home. The dirty filters can be cleaned by using a 10% solution of muriatic acid or trisodum phosphate as a solution. Soak them in and you will have quick results, just remember to use good eye protection to keep away from the chemicals. Pool cleaning can also be done by a professional cleaning company if you let it happen. This will take time and effort, but you can do a lot of good with such a cleaning alternative.