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Common Pool Opening Issues

30/04/2021Common Pool Opening Issues

Pool opening season is right around the corner, and as exciting as it may be, it is also the time where many people find trouble with their pools.

When you begin to open your pool, look out for these common problems. The earlier you catch them, the longer you can enjoy your pool when it comes time.


Pool leaks can be many different forms. A water leak can start from the shaft seal, or it could be due to the pump that connects to the motor. Pool filters can also leak on the filters. Other leaks are common around the skimmer. Double-check the backwash line and the multiport valve. If you are uncertain about where the source of the leak comes from, you should contact a professional pool maintenance company.

Air leaks are also another form of common pool leaks. When your pump draws in air, it will fill up the filter tank and discharge bubbles into your pool. Air leaks almost always come from the pump.

Algae Growth

You can prevent algae with solid pool coverings or by managing the pool levels. But if you fail to properly cover your pool, there is a risk algae has grown. Algae can be treated, however.

Pool Stain

Pool stains are a very common occurrence. You will likely notice them when you first take your cover off. Most stains will disappear with chlorine and circulation, so don’t worry too much.

Opening your pool is one of the most exciting ways to welcome the warm weather. If you have identified any of the issues above, you may want to have your pool inspected and maintained regularly with a service package.