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5 Health Wins of Having a Swimming Pool

21/07/20155 Health Wins of Having a Swimming Pool

Having a pool in your very own backyard will give you more than just bragging rights. It can also add health benefits to your life if you utilize your pool to it’s fullest potential.

Vitamin D

Living in Minnesota means that it is hard to get the right amount of vitamin D throughout the year. That is why the summer is a good time to take advantage of the nice weather and enjoy the sun and get the vitamin D your body needs. Even if you aren’t going out for a swim, you can still get your vitamin D by doing your own pool cleaning, vacuuming and maintenance. Many pool owners find these kinds of activities to be relaxing while getting some of the health benefits from being outside.

Strengthen and Tone

It is said that swimming is the best way to exercise your entire body at one time. With every move you make as you swim, you are trying to balance and move your whole body. Using exercise equipment you are generally targeting one area at a time. Therefore, swimming is a much more productive way to tone up and strengthen each part of your body at the same time. This can mean shorter workouts with big results.

Easy on Joints

Getting proper exercise is important, but for many it’s a real challenge to find a quality workout that won’t hurt their joints. Using a swimming pool as a means of a gym, you will be able to do a variety of pool exercises and programs that won’t have as much wear and tear on your body as using equipment at the gym or even running. This is because water has a way of cutting down on the pressure of gravity on your body, allowing your joints to work without stress.

Increase Flexibility

Along with water exercises being easy on the joints, it is also a great way to increase flexibility. Without the pressure of gravity, you are able to move more freely in the pool. This makes it easier to work on your range of motion and flexibility. This is also why you will see that many physical therapy programs incorporate water exercises for their patients who are working on flexibility.

Heart Health

Three to five times per week for thirty minutes is what doctors generally recommend to keep your heart in a healthy, strong state. A pool is a fantastic way to get your cardio workout in, without having to run, lift weights or do other activities that many people hate. Having a pool in your backyard is a great way to get in your regular exercise, and keep your heart healthy.

Stress Less

Not only is swimming heart healthy, but it is also great for your brain health. Getting regular exercise from swimming will allow you to burn off some of the stresses in your life. Taking some laps in the pool gives your brain time to think and de-stress as you exercise.