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5 Common Swimming Pool Problems

23/10/20155 Common Swimming Pool Problems

Who doesn’t like to swim in a pool? Whether we can swim or not, it’s fun being inside the pool especially with friends or family. Have you ever been in a pool party or participated in a pool game? You can agree with me if you own a pool that the fun can however be limited due to the following problems:

Electrical problems: Water may stop circulating properly as a result of power not getting to the pump. This often is caused by broken circuits or blown fuses, resulting in current flow. You should call a qualified electrician to fix it for you if it is beyond your ability.

Unbalanced chlorine levels: Have you ever been in a pool where you cannot stand the water due to eye irritation? You can’t even see clearly where you are swimming towards. No serious problems are caused whatsoever since the irritation stops shortly after being out of the pool. This may also cause formation of algae in your pool. Always test the chlorine level using the chemical testers to ensure the level is not too high or too low.

Airline leakage: The pool filter may be clear but circulation of the pool is poor. This implies there is a leak in the air line or maybe the pump isn’t working as it is supposed to. The solution to this is patching the leaking area.

Clogging: This refers to blockage or the slow passage of water. It is usually caused by anything that may have dropped in the pool accidentally for example small rocks and leaves. Clogging leads to insufficient circulation and growth of bacteria due to the water going fusty. Remove the leaves and other elements regularly using a sweep net that float on the surface of the water pool to prevent clogging.

Cracks on tiles: Tiles are not immune to cracking. When the floor tiles crack water may dribble in to your deck leading to water damage or loss of a lot of water from the pool. Silicon is a nonmetallic element that often hardens thus when applied on the cracks after hardening further water leakage is prevented.

These are the common swimming pool problems experienced by pool owners and as a swimmer it is not fun or even safe to swim in a pool with such problems. You can hire someone to maintain the pool on your behalf or you can enroll in a class and learn how to maintain it. Do not rob yourself or others the fun of swimming.