The Pool Lighting Services We Offer in the Minneapolis Area Include:

    Pool Lighting ServicesPool Lighting Installation. We are devoted to helping our Minnesota clients achieve professional pool lighting installation that will not only offer safety, but provide a beautiful nighttime appeal to your property.
  • Pool LightingPool Lighting Sales. At Sundays Off Pools, we sell products from the top brands, including: American Products, Hayward, Pentair (LED and Sam) Fiberstar, and Swimquip. Discover what works best for your pool!
  • Pool LightsPool Lighting Repair. Do you have pool lighting that is not functioning properly? Contact us and we will diagnose and mend any issues with your pool lights. We can replace existing lights as well.

Owning a home swimming pool can be a great asset, and adding lighting is a great way to increase the value of your investment. Even if you have lighting already, it’s always a great idea to change the bulbs and adjust the ambiance in and around your pool. Lights can always be installed at your pool, though its usually easier to have it done during the construction or renovation of the pool itself.

Pool Lighting Benefits

Pool lighting adds value to your pool in several ways. First, it allows you to use your pool at any time of the day or night without any restrictions. The lights will also improve the aesthetics in your pool area, meaning that hosting night time social gatherings becomes more rewarding. Most importantly, lighting adds to the safety of your pool area. Accidents are far less likely when everything is properly lit, especially near steps and handrails.

Pool Lighting Options

At Sundays Off Pools, We offer a wide variety of lighting styles to choose from. Lights tend to vary based on two traits, listed below:

Location – you can decide where in the pool you want your lights installed. Whether you think it best to have them on the pool floor, pool wall, or both, we will be able to install them however you see fit. Each location adds a different lighting affect, so take a look at examples before you make your final decision.

Type of Light – Pool lights come in a variety of colors, sizes and levels of brightness. You want to opt for LED lighting to add a contemporary feel, or install colored lights to add a touch of personal style to your pool area. You may even want to choose a combination of both plain and colored lighting or stock a few different color options in case your mood changes at some point in the future.

Whichever lighting options you decide to purchase, we will be able to guide and advise you about the best choice for your pool.

How to Install Pool Lighting

A pool service professional is your best resource for light installation. We can advise you about the best lighting choices for your particular area.

In order to install the lights, some of the pool wall or floor will need to be removed. This enables the lights to be installed flush with the surface of the pool so that nothing gets in the way of normal pool use. Pool lights are of course designed to be waterproof. You do not have to worry about any adverse effects due to submersion.