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Understanding Pool Slide Installation

26/02/2016Understanding Pool Slide Installation

A slide installed near a swimming pool can provide you with a great deal of enjoyment. In addition, a slide is relatively easy to install. Of course, It is a good idea to do some research before buying a pool slide. The first and foremost element to check is the local code. Are slides allowed in your region? Sometimes, only some types may be allowed.

You also need to understand the space needed to install the slide you like, keeping in mind the water depth in the pool. Another factor to be checked is its weight capacity.

Pool slides are categorized on the basis of how they are to be attached to the deck. The types of slides include the straight leg slide, the molded leg slide and the pedestal leg slide. The straight leg slide comes with an open/close stairway. The molded leg slide comes with enclosed stairways so that kids can safely use it. The pedestal leg slide comes with a molded mount base and requires less deck space for installation.

The space required to install each of these slides is different. Typically, slides are installed where the water depth changes from 36 inches to to 42 to 54 inches. The specs of slides may be different, but they should be installed on one of the pool’s long sides in the middle between deep and shallow ends.

It is important to read the owner’s manual and the installation manual prior to erecting the slide. Slides are attached in different ways. Mark off the place where the slide will be installed with the help of measuring tape and chalk/paint. Make sure that you double check the measurements before drilling holes.

Now that you understand pool slide installation, it will be easier to get the right one that will meet your specific needs.