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The 5 Most Important Pool Safety Tips

28/07/2015The 5 Most Important Pool Safety Tips

Enjoying your pool in your backyard is one of the best parts of summer. Here is what could be considered the most important pool safety tips out there. There are certainly other things to add to the list to ensure proper safety while swimming, but here is a good start.

  1. Keep it Enclosed and Locked

One of the most important safety tips regarding owning a pool is to keep it enclosed by a fence and have it locked up. The last thing you want to worry about is having a child or a pet fall into the pool and not be noticed. By putting in place a locked fence and gate, you won’t have to be constantly worried that an accident could occur. This will allow you to be aware of who is in the pool area at all times.

  1. Have Pool Rules Posted

Having pool rules isn’t to discourage summer fun. It is to keep the fun safe. Make or purchase a sign with the pool rules of your choice, and have it in a visible spot so that swimmers are always aware of proper swimming guidelines. You can have your own house rules as well as some general common rules, such as “no running around pool”. These important reminders will keep all parties safe.

  1. Learn CPR

No matter what level of swimmers you may host, you always want to be ready for even the worst of scenarios. Getting certified in CPR and first aid will give you the knowledge and know-how to take care of an emergency situation before professional help arrives. Also, always have a safety floatation device on hand to get a person out of the pool if they can’t do it themselves.

  1. Teach Water Safety Skills to All New Swimmers

For each swimmer you have in your pool, you will want to evaluate their skill level in the water. If they are feeling scared and lack confidence, have a life jacket on hand for them to use. Also, be willing to teach them standard swim techniques such as floating, holding their breath, and arm strokes. Don’t guess that a person can swim well at any age. Always be willing to teach water safety to new swimmers in order to have a fun and safe experience.

  1. Properly Maintain Pool

Pool maintenance may not seem like that big of a must when it comes to pool safety. When it comes down to it, though, the safety of the waters’ chemical balance is one of the most crucial parts of pool safety. Maintaining the proper pH balance in the pool will make all the difference in how clean the water is. With too high of a pH level in the water, you can cause serious harm to people’s bodies. So carefully monitoring the chemical levels in the pool is going to make the enjoyment of the pool that much more fun.