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Swimming Pool Tips for the Spring Season

24/02/2016Swimming Pool Tips for the Spring Season

Spring is around the corner and you have plans to finally pull back the pool cover for the season. There are some alarming issues, however, that you may have to deal with during this time and we have a couple of tips to get you started.

Consider the algae. Algae is a nasty problem during spring when you uncover the pool for the first time after a long winter. When a little light permeates the cover during the cold season, there is a possibility algae might grow, especially if there is no chlorine in the water. As unsightly as it is, algae is surprisingly easy to clean and shouldn’t take too much of your time.

The first thing to do is to set up your pump and filter and drop some algaecide into the pool water. Make sure to use concentrated algaecide and look for polyquaternary ammonium or quaternary ammonia as the main active component. Those are two potent chemicals that will take out almost all residues in the water.

After putting in algaecide, leave the pool undisturbed for at least 4 hours with the pump running. Pool owners often assume that a good dose of chlorine will get all the foreign organisms, but interestingly chlorine does not kill algae. Start by killing the green matter with algaecide and then shock the pool with a dose of chlorine to break down any dead material so the pool can be filtered.

This whole process should not take more than one afternoon and when you are done cleaning out dead aquatic organisms, you can add whatever chemicals you normally use on the pool and that is it! You are ready to take a dip.

Replace your sand. Pool filter sand needs to be replaced every once in a while so it can enhance the water filtering process. Pool sand filters actually get better with time as more sand continues to collect on the filter, helping to boost the filtering process by acting as an added layer of protection. New sand is not efficient at trapping fine particles. You can help by adding a pound or two of diatomaceous earth (DE) to the skimmer when the pump is running. DE is actually finer than sand and will typically lodge in the filter sand, creating a more effective filtering process.

These are simple tips that can help turn your pool water into crystal-clear water where your family can spend time during warmer weather and have loads of fun.