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Pool Maintenance Tips and Guidelines

01/12/2015Pool Maintenance Tips and Guidelines

Keeping your pool looking clean will mean you have to do quite a few things before you can move on. Different pools will have varying maintenance needs so you will need to follow a lot of it as you move forward with the tasks. If you happen to deal with mostly common and small issues such as murky water and broken pumps, then you will still need to check with the manual for more information. Regardless of what type of service you plan on choosing, you will need to follow work on some of the following items:

  • One of the first things you have to complete when you work on things would be to skim the surface of the pool for debris and more that happen to sink on the bottom of the pool, as they will be a lot harder to clean. You should use a long-handled net and a hand skimmer to make things work. The tools will help you remove bugs, leaves and more especially since it happens to float in the water all the time. Skimming with more efficiency will make your circulation system work pretty well, and this will lower the amount of chlorine will need to add it. Cleaning the strainer baskets attached to the pools will be something that needs to be done often to work well. Remove your plastic baskets, shake them up and spray them with water to remove anything inside them. This will really help with cleaning it. For other different types of home cleaning you will need a professional cleaning company, but pool cleaning can be handled either alone or with the help of pool cleaners instead.
  • The pool also has to be vacuumed once emptied on a regular basis, especially since you will put a good bit of chemicals inside each time. There are vacuums specifically made for use in pools, but you will need to work on vacuuming carefully if you have a need for making it work. Just like carpet cleaning, you will need to overlap the strokes while you work on vacuuming. Check the vacuum’s filter while you’re cleaning and you will find what you need quickly.
  • Vacuuming is not the only type of cleaning and maintenance you will need to go through to make things work. You will need to brush the tiles and the walls of the pool as well. You will need to work on brushing the tiles as well as the walls of the pool to remove traces of algae on the surfaces and more. Depending on what type of material was used to make the pool you may need to deal with a lot of calcium deposits as well. Stiff brushes can be a great way to work on cleaning the walls and anything plastered in concrete. You should however use a softer brush for fiberglass and vinyl surfaces, as well as tiles as this will help protect the grout as well.