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How Much Is Your House Worth with a Swimming Pool?

01/08/2016How Much Is Your House Worth with a Swimming Pool?

How much is your house worth with a swimming pool? That depends on who you ask. Local realtors recently discussed how adding a swimming pool to your home affects the value of the property. They had mixed opinions on the subject. There are several factors that go into peoples’ decision on whether or not to install a pool. They range from financial investments to lifestyle choices. However, no matter who you ask, everyone agrees that a pool is an excellent fixture for a hot summer day.

How Much is Your House Worth with a Swimming Pool?

Financial Investment

Installing a swimming pool is firstly a financial investment. Above-ground swimming pools average between $6,000-7,000 to install. In addition, an in-ground pool can cost between $18,000-22,000. Cynthia Hughes, a Coldwell Bank realtor in Danbury, WI, says homeowners can expect to make back between 30-50% on their investment. That does not include maintenance, but there are tax benefits to owning a pool as well. There is more to consider, however, than just numbers.

Visual Appeal

Swimming pools add more value to your home than just a place to cool off in the summer, or hang out in the evening. With modern landscape designs, they also offer visual appeal to your property. Current trends in swimming pool designs like vanishing edges, rock formations, waterfalls, and build-in slides make pools much more than just a square in the ground. It adds to the visual value of the home. This makes your home more appealing to buyers who want a pool included on the property.

Personal Lifestyle

Many realtors agree owning a pool is about maintaining a lifestyle. Pools offer a relaxing environment for hanging out with friends and family. Hot tubs also still have a steady popularity among homeowners. Outdoor pools and hot tubs provide comfort and relief during hot summer days and cool, or even cold winter evenings. Combined with their visual appeal with your landscape and popularity as a gathering space, your pool investment more than pays off in a number of ways.

How much is your house worth with a swimming pool? It all depends on your perspective. You may get less actual use in more northern states, but you also add an ambiance to your home landscape that simply can’t be beat. Plus, you will have no problem convincing your friends and family of coming to your house to hang out or have a barbecue or party. Have your questions answered and your pool handled by professionals. We can provide an assessment and handle installation and maintenance on your new pool. Call and speak to one of their reps today at 1-763-546-1651.