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Custom Pool Designs For Summer 2016

09/06/2016Custom Pool Designs For Summer 2016

Custom pool designs make your backyard pool more than just a big tub of water. Including a customized design for your home pool can transform your property into a beautiful outdoor living space, encompassing the familiar comforts of home with the elegance of a fancy resort. At Sundays Off Inc., we offer custom pool designs that fit your wants and needs, and that perfectly compliment the existing design and layout of your landscape. Once we have made a design that meets your expectations, we take care of all the rest, including construction, installation, and seasonal maintenance. Let’s take a further look at some different aspects of customized pool designs you can include in your pool this summer season.

Custom Pool Designs


There are plenty of shapes you can choose for your custom pool. These range from a standard circle or oval to a rectangle or L-shape pool. Other designs for custom pools include a Roman or Grecian design, both which contain varying depths from end to end, a Kidney-shape, a Figure-8, or a Lazy-L design. Remember these are simply common, or more generic ideas; we will work with you to make sure your pool looks exactly as you imagined it, and better.


Once the basic layout is set, it’s time to enhance the look and quality of your pool. Including additional water features such as a waterfall, laminar jets, lights, or a waterslide goes a long way in improving your pool’s aesthetic quality, and makes it more enjoyable for your family and friends. Other features you can include are hot tubs, a vanishing edge, or a pool-bar.

Deck Design

Now that the pool’s design is coming together, the last step is to decide on a deck or patio. There are hundreds of varieties of stone and concrete floor plans, and either works great to compliment in-ground pool designs. You can enhance the design of your deck with additional features like an outdoor kitchen or a fire-pit. With custom pool designs, the possibilities are endless!

There’s no time like now to start enjoying the comfort and privacy of your own backyard and swimming pool. Custom pool designs offer you a private oasis away from the chaos and stress of everyday life, and the perfect spot for those summer barbecues. Give us a call today to schedule a consultation. Our representatives are friendly and knowledgeable about custom pools, and can answer all of your questions or concerns. Call us today, and start enjoying your new custom pool today.