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Can Your Small Backyard Accommodate an Inground Swimming Pool?

04/04/2016Can Your Small Backyard Accommodate an Inground Swimming Pool?

Can your small backyard accommodate an inground swimming pool? Maybe you have put off installing one because you don’t have much space to work with, or perhaps you were concerned about the quality of the results? Well you can put all those fears to rest. We can get you the luxurious backyard pool you have always dreamed of, no matter how much space you have to work with. Sound too good to be true? It’s not. Our experienced professionals can handle any small-scale pool construction project to get you the backyard oasis you have always wanted.

Can Your Small Backyard Accommodate an Inground Swimming Pool?

Custom designs.

The size and shape of your backyard will be the key factors in determining the design of your pool. Depending on how much space you are working with, you can choose any shape you like. We suggest you choose a design that is both elegant and yet practical for scaling to your property space.

Free-form designs.

Most visitors tend to notice the shape of your pool before they pay any attention to its actual size. Therefore you should try to select an aesthetically pleasing shape that both looks great, and saves on space. Free-form designs, such as curved, kidney-shaped pools, and those with smooth curves and edges, tend to save the most space in your yard. This leaves you room for additional features like a dining area, or patio furniture.

Maintenance work.

Although smaller pools naturally require less direct, hands-on maintenance work because of their reduced surface area and use of less water, you should still select a design that requires as little maintenance as possible, or at least one that is simple to maintain. Concrete pools and decks, for example, require daily cleaning in order to maintain a quality appearance. Vinyl liners, on the other hand, are much easier to clean, but unlike concrete, are more susceptible to damage. Pools made with fiberglass are the most cost-effective pools because they require the least amount of care, but they are also very expensive, so consider your options carefully.

Taking it all in.

Just because you have small backyard does not mean you that should give up on your dream of a fancy, aesthetically pleasing backyard oasis. Even pools that are smaller in size but artistically designed have the ability to turn a few heads and stir up some envious looks. And there is no need to worry about construction or installation. Our certified experts will walk you through the whole process and work to ensure your satisfaction is met and you are left with the beautiful backyard pool you have always dreamed of.