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3 Swimming Pool Myths

27/01/20163 Swimming Pool Myths

There are many myths surrounding swimming pools. In this article, we will discuss them. We will take the three most commonly heard swimming pools myths that we have heard.

Myth #1: A significant chlorine or chemical smell = an exceptionally clean pool.

This is simply wrong. A properly disinfected / clean pool should have no strong chemical smell. Believe it or not, the strong odor sometimes surrounding pools – especially public pools – is not chlorine as most people think. It is actually a byproduct of chlorine called chloramines. They are a result of the chlorine’s reaction to pollutants and contaminants brought in by swimmer. This can mean sweat, urine, body oils and even perfumes and cosmetics, among others. The strong chlorine smell means that the chlorine is effectively working harder because of the excess of contaminants in the water, rendering the water less clean than you might think.

Myth #2: Wait an hour after eating to swim.

This is a very common misconception. There is no reported case in the United States of a drowning due to cramps related to swimming after eating. Not one. While swimming could potentially lead to some stomach cramping, it is not likely that a swimmer will drown from the severity of the cramps. It is believed this myth originated in the early 20th century in a manual related to scouting.

Myth #3: Pool water gives you red eyes because of the chlorine.

Once again, it is those pesky chloramines at work. The chlorine byproducts due to contaminants in the water lead to an under-chlorinated pool. This can can lead to irritated, itchy red eyes. Again, contaminants make the chlorine work harder to maintain the pool’s cleanliness. They produce the chloramines, which in turn produce a strong smell of chlorine and possibly those red, itchy eyes that you experience when swimming.

So next time you are by the pool, we hope you will remember these myths.