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Sundays Off Pools offers premium pool tile cleaning services in Minneapolis and throughout the Twin Cities.

You purchased an inground pool for many reasons. Maybe you wanted a place to relax while sunbathing and sipping a mojito, maybe you wanted an arena in which to practice your signature jackknife jumps, or maybe you simply wanted a place to keep your collection of exotic sharks that you use to impress guests. Whatever the reason you chose the pool lifestyle, you certainly didn’t choose it for the glorious fun of maintaining the pool tiles.

Pool maintenance can be an onerous, annoying, and time-consuming task—one that eats up time you could be using to enjoy yourself or train your sharks. Of all pool-related tasks, maintaining the pool tiles is undoubtedly one of the most tiresome. Unfortunately, it’s also one of the most important. These two factors make it an ideal job to delegate to the professional team at Sundays Off Pools.

Reasons for Professional Pool Tile Cleaning:

Chemical build-up. It’s difficult enough to keep the chemical balance in your pool at the right level to ensure that the water is safe and clean. But even well-balanced pools can cause a build-up of chemicals like calcium or chlorine on the pool tiles, causing your once-sparkling retreat to look more like the hotel pool from The Shining. Professional tile management can ensure that you don’t have to pick between clean water and sparkling tiles, and can remove the layers of chemicals without damaging the finish on the tiles underneath.

Microbial menaces. Even the most aggressive chemical balance in the water can’t prevent certain types of microbes and algae colonies from taking up residence in your pool tiles and grout. Keeping your pool clean requires the proper tools to test for microbes and eradicate them safely, without making the pool unsafe for humans.

Structural integrity. Pool tile maintenance isn’t only about keeping the pool looking inviting. Regular maintenance will also help you keep tabs on whether there are any leaks, cracks, or other damage to the pool structure itself.

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