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Sundays Off Pools provides fast and affordable pool filter repair services for home and commercial clients in the Minneapolis + St. Paul, MN region. Contact us by calling 763-546-1651 or by filling out our user-friendly contact form.

If you are experiencing any of the following problems, you may need swimming pool filter repair services.

Your filter needs constant cleaning or backwashing. The filter cycle is the amount of time between cleaning. A new filter will run for about 30 days before it needs to be cleaned. However, over time, you will have to change out the filter media, meaning the powder, sand or filter cartridge. If you are having to backwash the filter each week, you need to replace the media. The filter sand lasts for about 5-7 years before needing to be replaced. DE filter grids last for about 7-9 years. The cartridge only lasts about 3-5 years. Eventually all of the media will need to be replaced, but the filter cycle can be used as an indicator.

There is a lot of sand in the pool. Another common problem is DE powder, or the filter sand getting in the pool. Some amounts getting in are normal, but if you notice a large deposit of sand, then you probably have either a broken or cracked filter lateral or standpipe. These are cheap parts, but it may be difficult to remove the valve and sand to inspect thoroughly. If you notice DE powder, the cause is probably a tear in the fabric of the filter grid or a crack in the manifold.

The filter is not keeping the pool water clean. This problem does not have an easy DIY solution because the filter may not be causing the problem. Is the pump running long enough throughout the day? Is there adequate sanitizer? Is the water balanced? Is the pool filter properly sized? If you have checked out these areas, go back to the first problem as the filter media may need to be changed. However, make a note if any modifications were made to the pool or filter recently. Any changes to its valves, heating system, or other items may be the cause.

Your filter’s pressure is either too high or too low. The filter pressure gauge is not always correct so do not use it as a precise tool. Pressure gauges can often become stuck. Be sure to check the pressure gauge before moving forward. If it is working properly, check if the pressure is high or low. If it is low, there is probably an obstruction prior to the filter, so check for clogs in that area. If it is higher than normal, the blockage is likely past the pool filter.

The filter is leaking. While this will not drain the pool, you should fix this problem promptly. Most leaks happen at the belly band if a split tank type of filter is used. Take off the band, clean it thoroughly and add lubricant. Drain plugs are the usual areas where leaking occurs. Finally, there may be a hole in the tank. Patching holes does not usually work well, so you will probably have to get a new filter if this is the problem.

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