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Balancing the chemistry in your pool can be overwhelming and confusing. Mistakes can lead to expensive repairs later, which is why Sundays Off Pools provides the professional experience and expertise necessary to maintain your pool’s chemical balance. If you live in the Minneapolis / St. Paul area, the pool chemical service offered by Sundays Off Pools will ensure that your pool remains healthy, clean, and that you avoid the high costs associated with long-term chemical imbalance.

The Importance of a Balanced Pool

The use of chemicals is critical for the proper maintenance of your pool. To work correctly, they must be applied in specific ratios. When these ratios become unbalanced, powerful chemical reactions can occur with damaging results. Applying chemicals from a simple kit may lead to problems down the line, as each pool varies slightly in composition. Our team understands how each of these chemicals reacts with one another and how to mitigate the effects of improper ratios.

Pool Chemical Hazards

If you have used a home kit to balance your pool, you may be familiar with the results. Water can become cloudy, sting eyes, or even turn hair green. If you are experiencing any of these conditions, call a pool chemical service. Our team of professionals can quickly assess your water content and restore it to the clear, mild condition you need to enjoy your pool. Sundays Off Pools can make sure you avoid the kind of mistakes that lead to a cancelled barbecue or pool party.

What Can Affect Pool Chemistry?

The environment can play a large role in the individual chemistry of your pool. Rainwater or debris can influence its chemical ratio. Even lotions, sunscreen, or the natural oils of your skin can affect the your pool’s chemical balance. Common issues related to chemical imbalance might include:

• Cloudy Water

• pH Levels

• Hard Water

• Alkalinity

• Algae

• Bacteria

• General Sanitation

Pool Chemical Service for Inground Pools

If you live in the Twin Cities, you know the importance of having a clean, accessible pool. Sundays Off Pools makes sure that your water has the balance you need to enjoy your pool. Our knowledgeable team has the experience and understanding to correct and maintain its chemistry. If you want to ensure that your pool has the proper chemical balance, call and schedule service today.

Included below is a full list of chemicals we work with:

• Ammonia

• Borates

• Bromide

• Cal-Hypo

• Calcium Chloride

• Chlorine

• Colloidal Silver

• Cyanuric Acid

• Litho Shock


• Muriatic Acid

• Soda Ash

• Sodium Bicarbonate

• Sodium Bisulfate

• Sodium Bromide

• Sodium Carbonate

• Sodium Di-Chlor

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