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The Pool Pump Services Sundays Off Pools Provides in the Minneapolis, MN Area Include:

    Pool Pump ServicesPool Pump Installation. We are committed to assisting our Twin Cities clients by implementing proper pool pump installation. Our professionals perform the installation correctly the first time.
  • Pool pumpPool Pump Sales. The pool products we sell include Hayward, Pentair (Whisperflo & Superflow) and Sta-Rite. Talk with one of our representatives and find out the best option for your pool!
  • Pool pumpsPool Pump Repair. Is your Twin Cities pool pump malfunctioning? Reach out to Sundays Off Pools and we will detect and repair any complications with your pool pump so that your system works ASAP.

The Function of Your Pool Pump

Pool pumps are the heart of your pool’s circulation system. It circulates water through the pool systems (such as skimmer and drain) and through the filters and heater. It then pushes the water back to the pool’s return ports. A pool pump is a critical element when it comes to the function and maintenance of your pool system.

As the pool’s circulatory system, pool pumps distribute chemicals throughout the pool’s water. Efficient circulation is extremely important because chemicals should never be allowed to accumulate in any one area of the pool or its system. Chemical build-up could be harmful or even toxic to anyone using the pool.

Modern, state-of-the-art pool pumps are highly efficient and more powerful than older models. These new models tend to operate faster and with less noise. They also have the capacity to adjust their speed according to the task they are performing at any given time.

The technology being used in newer pool pumps allow them to be far more efficient. This means that they can run on less energy, reducing your energy costs. In some cases, you could save up to 90 percent more than you would using older models.

Technology has also made pool systems easier to use. Newer pool pumps can be controlled remotely. Do you want to run the cleaner, your waterfall, your lights, or the filtration system? You can now do it from inside your home using a remote control. You can easily and remotely run the pool’s pump system.

The maximum lifespan of older pool pumps is usually about eight years. Some common systems might last less. It is important to consult with Sundays Off Pools before your pump dies. By inspecting your system, our qualified professionals can assess the state of your pump.