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Sundays Off Pools offers winter pool cover installation services in the Minneapolis / St. Paul area. Contact us online or call 763-546-1651 to learn how we can help you!

One of the best ways to enjoy the summer weather while beating the heat is by swimming in and relaxing around your own pool. A pool is great for entertaining guests, family, or to get some important exercise at any time of day. When the winter comes, however, it is important to winterize your pool to prevent damage during the colder months. Part of that is installing a cover. Here is why you should use a winter pool cover.

Having a winter pool cover means it will be easier to clean your pool. It will prevent debris from getting into your pool over the winter. Dirt, branches, leaves, and insects can all make your pool dirty and difficult to clean when it is time to open the pool again. With a cover, it will protect your pool and keep that debris from getting into the water.

First of all, as mentioned, a winter pool cover will help keep debris out of your pool, making it easier to vacuum, which will save energy. You may be able to forego the use of a pool heater, since a pool cover will help keep heat from escaping the pool. This can cut down on your costs dramatically.

One of the greatest dangers for your pool during the winter is pool freeze. It can cause problems with the surface of the pool, but with the plumbing. A pool cover will keep snow from getting into the pool water, which contributes to pool freeze.

The winter as a whole can prevent a whole host of safety issues for anyone. Ice and snow can lead to slipping and cause equipment to break and malfunction. Having a cover on your pool can help prevent people from slipping on the ice if they try to walk on your pool. It can prevent drowning during the cold months when the water has not frozen yet.

As you can see, there are several reasons why you should want to invest in a pool cover. It will help keep your pool looking clean and inviting, and keep it as warm as possible.

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