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Sundays Off Pools offers automatic pool cover installation services in the Minneapolis / St. Paul area. Contact us online or call 763-546-1651 to learn how we can help you!

Anyone who owns a pool should know about the various safety hazards that come part and parcel of having one. There are several components you can buy that can help lessen the danger, however. Most people are aware of installing fences and supervising children. Pool covers are another safety feature that not everyone has for their pool. Sometimes known as a horizontal fence, it can help prevent drowning since it gives people something to hang on to if they fall in when the pool is not being used. Here are some other benefits of a cover for your pool.

Pool water tends to evaporate over time, meaning that it has to be refilled every so often. A pool cover will keep the water in the pool, instead of in the atmosphere. This will keep your pool looking great and keep you from having to refill it while saving water.

Along with keeping the water in the pool, a cover can keep the heat in the pool. After a hot day, the cold night air can suck the heat right out of the water. A cover will keep your pool warm for when you go to use it the next morning. This can save you in energy costs since you may not have to heat your pool.

One of the biggest challenges for any pool owner is keeping the water crystal clear and inviting. The pool must be vacuumed and cleaned on a regular basis, and how well the pool is maintained in the meantime will determine how difficult that task is. A pool cover will keep debris out of the water, such as small animals, dirt, twigs, and leaves.

During the winter months, a cover will continue to protect your pool. It will keep animals and debris out of the water. It will help keep snow out of the water, which can cause pool freeze. Pool freeze can damage not just the pool lining, but the plumbing as well.

Installing a pool cover will provide your pool with many benefits that will make your investment worth it. Luckily, covers come in many styles, so you are sure to find one right for you.

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