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Have your swimming pool installed by a professional! Pool installation entails designing, planning & building your home swimming pool. We want to help you enjoy your summer! If you’re a home or commercial pool owner in the Twin Cities, we are here to serve your needs.

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Once you have approved the plans we develop, it is time for the real work to begin. We will get the job done right from beginning to end and we guarantee that the process will be worthwhile once the job is done. The quality we promise is well worth the wait.

We have built good relationships with our building crews over time, which means that we are always at the top of the list for new construction projects compared to our competitors. You will not just be a job, you will be a valued customer with a valuable relationship for the future. We are always available to solve any issue, even 20 years after the project was completed.

When you hire Sundays Off Pools, you can talk with the actual owners of the company. We personally represent our company and our logo. We are deeply invested in quality work and building great relationships with our pool installation customers in Minneapolis, MN.

Our Minnesota swimming pool installation company serves the entire Minneapolis area, including communities such as Brooklyn Park, Plymouth, Golden Valley, and Maple Grove.

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Why Consider Our Pool Installation Services?

So you’ve finally decided to have a swimming pool built in your backyard. Your dreams of your children’s birthday parties, family gatherings, Independence Day parties, and long summer days by the pool with your family are finally going to come to life. The next questions are, should I hire a pool contractor, and who should I hire? All contractors are not created equally. Some builders work based on volume, which leads to an impersonal experience where they see you only as a number to be check off on a list. Other builders just push the job onto subcontractors and hope everything works out, with no personal involvement in the process.

In the Minneapolis area, pool builders are a dime-a-dozen. The important question that needs to be asked is, are they worth your time? Do they only send subcontractors to do a job that needs contractor supervision? Do they check the quality of the work being done? Are they involved in the day-to-day construction at all? Quality swimming pool installation contractors should be personally involved in the project, have a good eye for quality, and be able to prevent mistakes that could cost time and money to fix. In addition, a swimming pool installation professional should have good communication skills so that you know what is happening during every step of the process.

If you were to purchase a pool, you would want your contractor to be on site supervising workers, maintaining quality, and planning ahead so that the pool installation goes smoothly and is done in a reasonable amount of time. You would want to know that you matter to the contractor, that they have your best interests in mind. The company that works based on volume can’t afford to operate this way. They will hire many extra workers to finish quickly, driving up the overall costs of the project, and in the meantime quality control suffers because they’re rushing to complete the job; not just your pool, but the 10+ other pools they’re trying to build at the same time.

When you’re finally ready to hire a swimming pool contractor the cost is a big concern, but the more important issue should be that you and your pool are your contractor’s main concern. You want someone that will be available any time to come and take care of any issues that come up. You want someone that will finish your pool installation quickly but with great quality, so that further down the road you’re not piled high with repair costs that could have been avoided. Sundays Off Pools is a company that offers competitive pricing, has been in business under the same name since 1984, and is personally involved in your project and supervises every step of the way.