Automatic Pool Covers

The installation of automatic safety pool covers is something all pool owners should consider. It offers safety for your children by tightly closing off the pool. It provides security against unwanted use by others. It helps lower the cost of heating. And it can reduce the amount of chemicals needed. Did we mention that the swimming pool stays cleaner?

Let us install one for you. Check out all the brands we carry on our products page.

Winter Pool Covers

Keep your pool secure and protected during the long cold winter months. A mesh cover will keep leaves, debris, neighbors and pets out while allowing the water and snow to get in. We will measure and install the right cover for you. Quality Meyco and Cantar covers last for years and are great looking. Always look after your investment.

To find out more about how we can help you with pool covers, please contact our office by calling 763-546-1651 or contact us online.

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